CKC Age Class Grid

This is a dynamic grid, and updates automatically with the year.
Simply, the current year - the birth year of the paddler = their racing age.

For clarity, it may help to read the age as "Under X on January 1st" since a paddler who turns age X after January first is still eligble for the UX class that year

While the ADCKC Guideline for interclub racing is 8 years of age (hence the range of birth years), younger paddlers may still race at their coaches discretion, and would still register as U10

Younger competitors are able to race into older classes (except Masters and CanMas) but there may be some restrictions (such as for age class singles races in U12/U14 Regattas where paddlers can race only one age class per singles discipline)

Masters and CanMas paddlers also qualify in the Junior-Senior Class, and can race any events in those classes. Masters refers only to the events in ADCKC U16-Open regattas, Qualifying, and CKC National Championships.

CanMas refers to ADCKC Masters regattas, and the CanMas National Championships for which the entry age is 25 (in the year of competition)

*U11 is no longer a registration class, but represents an opportunity for young new/novice paddlers to compete in ADCKC entry level U11 series where they will have an opportunity to learn about regatta structure without the pressure of the fully officiated program.


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